Happy Birthday to Me

Well, my loyal readers, all six of you if you are still following me, it appears that the commentary of my guest post at AtH has died down, leaving me with the usual indecision about what to write about. I’m trying not to be excessively political and nothing strikes me as urgent today. My feelings about the current state of the nation are best described as “cold rage”, and I’d rather chill for now. When I have something to say, I’ll say it. I’m in the middle of several series I’m waiting to finish before I review them, although there is one that I want to reread first before I review it here. There’s not much good on video right now. I decided that my “Confutus at the Job Mart” series is a bit too revealing. I’m cycling through my knowledge Base and closing on more discussion of antiquity, but I’m not quite ready. So…my next number is going to be more Logical Musings. Hey, there’s nothing keeping me from two posts a day, is there? No? Then let it be so. I’m going to go be square.

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