Book series review — The Extraordinaries

This is series of 8 alternate historical romantic fantasies by Melissa McShane. These are alternate history, are are set chiefly in Britain during and just after the period of the Regency and the Napoleonic wars, and many of the protagonists are affiliated with the military. Fantasy, because they are each centered around a protagonist with an extraordinary level of talent in fields termed Movers, Shapers, Scorchers, Bounders, Seers, Speakers, Discerners, and Coercers. They are romances, because each of these protagonists is a woman who is involved in a quest to use and master her talent, at the same time she is finding a suitable mate. The series is presumably complete, since each of the eight talents has been showcased by the heroine. The series is intertwined, since each of them have at least a cameo appearance in other books of the series, before and after they appear as main characters. I enjoyed it.

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