In the queue

For some time, I have been mildly interested in philosophy, and logic is a traditional part of it. So I got a Kindle copy of Aristotle’s “Organon”. I don’t have a great reverence or the Greek philosohers. A few years ago I attempted Plato and bounced. But Aristotle’s work is rather foundational for my own studies, so I think I ought to give it more attention. I took a look at the first entry in the Organon, “Categories” and thought. “I don’t like the organization”. So who do I think I am, rewriting Aristotle? That’s how I study and get the material to pass through my own brain and make some of it stick. We’ll se how it goes.

“When the Sahara was Green” by Martin Williams was recommended by an author I follow Aplam Boykin at her blog, “Cat Rotator’s Quarterly” and since I keep wanting to begin at the beginning with my stories, I have discovered an interest in Eastern Africa, including the eastern Sahara and the upper Nile region. We’ll see how that goes as well.

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