Two posts in one day!

I must confess that I do not have a natural love for the study of psychology. This is in part because the modern “scientific” approach is not really scientific at all. It’s not really possible. We can sort of detach ourselves from birds, bees, plants, and rocks, and it’s easier to get different observers to agree on what they are seeing. It’s much harder to study ourselves. There is also the fact that modern scientific study is so highly secular and has become detached from religious experience, which is an even bigger mistake. Nevertheless, it must be done. Some years back I had made a subdivision of social psychology, which I am going to keep for now. I have a somewhat bigger problem with studies of personality and mental illness. For personality, I’m just going to go with major theories and label them as theory, although I don’t fully agree with any of them. I don’t have a proper classification of mental disorders, I could look at the DS-M, but there are hundreds of them named, and I need better categories than that. Over the next few days I am going to come up with a few. This may be a rather rough and fluid approach, but it will be a start. I was going to skip over these and subdivide them later when I have more perspective, but at this point, that feels like an evasion.

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