I’ve been going to continue my review of history with the early 2nd millennuim BC, but after several of those in a row, I’m doing a little changeup. So, for books I’ve read in the past couple of weeks, there have been “Let Me Tell Your Again”, the latest installment in the April series by Mackey Chandler. “Battles in the Black”, by J.M. Anjewierden, the latest entry in the Black Chronicles, “This Potion is da Bomb” by Honor Raconteur, the latest entry in the Henri Davenforth Chronicles, “Preternaturally Familiar”, the latest entry by Alma T.C. Boykin, the latest in her “Familiar” series, “A Lady’s Heart of Gold” by Sally Britton, the last in her “Hearts of Arizona” series, “Cinder-Nanny” by Sariah Wilson, “The Wordsmith of Emerson Pass” by Tess Thompon, the seventh of eight planned in her Emerson Pass Historical romances, “On Stormy Seas” by Eric Thomson, the eighth in his Siobhan Dunmoore series, and “A Truth to Lie For” by Ann Perry, the fourth in her Elena Standish series. Yes, I read fast, and yes, I like series..only one Cinder-Nanny isn’t in one.

I listened to nearly all of the latest LDS General Conference, and found myself, as usual, both encouraged and reinforced, and somewhat depressed by my various failures and inadequacies. There are a couple of talks I need to go over and review more thoroughly.

I have a couple of family members that I am not on good terms with, and my recent attempts at reconciliation have gone badly. In one, I seem to have done more harm than good in my last attempt, and for another, my overtures have been rebuffed. It hurts to be rejected by basically good people I would like to like. It’s depressing, and it’s a continual but familiar struggle not to be overcome with bitterness. So I’ll stifle the rant and go on about my business…this, too,, shall pass.

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