Late 2nd Millennium BC #1

Egypt was ruled by the New Kingdom of the 18th through 20th dynasties, which was followed by the 3rd intermediate period. Mesopotamian peoples were still important in this period, although I don’t yet have the details. In Anatolia, the Hittite empire prevailed. I don’t yet have details for Levantine, Persian, Arabian, or North African peoples. This was the period of most of the early Old Testament. Vedic culture was forming in what are now India and Pakistan. I still don’t have details for Chinese, Southeast Asian, or Central Asian peoples.

Mycenaean peoples were present on the Greek mainland, supplanting the Minoan civilization of Crete. Other European peoples are not yet detailed. African peoples are represented by Interior East African peoples, Northern East African peoples, and Central East African peoples. I also do not yet have details of Western African peoples. Because of their importance in earlier times, I have mention of the San and Khokhoi peoples of South Africa. I do not yet have details of Middle American Indian peoples or South American Indian peoples

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