Early 1st millennium BC #1

Egypt was ruled in the 3rd intermediate period by the 21st through 26th dynasties until it was conquered by Persia. Mesopotamian peoples were also conquered by Persia. I don’t yet have much detail of Persia, since I am still working back to this. In Anatolia, the Phrygian, Lydian, Carian, and Lycian peoples followed the collapse of the Hittite empire Persian peoples conquered Egyptian and Mesopotamian peoples in this period, although I am still working Iran, or Persia. In what are now India and Pakistan, Vedic peoples were continuing to develop, and where encountered by the Persian empire. Chinese peoples were also developing, although I do not yet have China specifically back to to this period.

In Western Civilization, the pre-Classic Greek peoples followed the Mycenaean empire, and among Latin peoples, Etruscan and Roman peoples were present. Because they were important in earlier periods, Northern East African, Interior East African, and Central East African peoples are being considered, and I am starting to look at Interior West African peoples. In South Africa, the San and Khoikhoi peoples seem to have predominated. I do not yet have details of Central African peoples, or of Middle American or South American Indian peoples, but I am considering them.

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