Fiction series review: The Chained Adept

This 4-book fantasy series by Karen Myers, begins with “The Chained Adept.” In a magical accident when the heroine, a wizard called Penrys, is teleported to a distant continent, where she instantly defends a wizard called Zandaril from a magical attack. Penrys was found about three years ago, naked except for an unremovable golden chain around her neck, and with no memory, by a wizard at the wizard Collegium of Ellech. She had been found to have a powerful magical talent and some training outside the traditions of the Collegium, taken in, and give the title of Adept. She falls in with the wizard she defended who has been sent from his home nation of Zannib to assist another nation, the Kigali, to find what out what is behind a local invasion by a third nation, the Rasesni.

In the second book, “Mistress of Animals”, after defeating the threat in the first book, Penrys and Zandaril, whose true name was revealed as Najub, attempt to visit his home clan in Zannib. Their visit is interrupted when a disaster struck a neighboring clan. Most of the animals, and the people belonging to the clan have disappeared, except for a few wandering scattered survivors who do not know exactly what happened to the rest. Penrys and Najub trace the trouble to another chained wizard, the Mistress of Animals of the title, and are married.

In the third book, “Broken Devices” Penrys and her husband Najub are summoned by the emperor of the Kigali, to find that there has been a virtual plague of these memory-less chained wizards scattered around the world.

In the fourth, “On A Crooked Track” Penrys returns to Ellech along with Najub to investigate the mysterious origins of the chained wizards.

To be brief, I liked the series. Much of its delight comes from its intricate world building and the mysteries that are encountered and solved, hence my care to avoid as many spoilers as possible.

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