Hillary Clinton Must Never Become President

Adapted from a line that appears in “Valentine Pontifex”, the third book in the Majipoor Chronicles, by Robert Silverberg.   I could go on to outline the book, and give the context, but I think this would be something of a distraction from my purpose.

Why must Hillary Clinton never become president?

There are three principal reasons. First, the scandal regarding her keeping her official correspondence on a private server tead of a government account, and then destroying the e-mails on the server, for no better reason than her personal convenience, indicates that she considered herself above the law. This is unconscionable in a person who has the constitutional duty to “see that the laws are faithfully executed”.

Second, her recent remarks acknowledging that what she considered Women’s Rights, especially a  woman’s “right” to have unlimited access to abortion as a method of terminating pregnancy. would require the change of deep-seated religious and cultural values, indicates that she is hostile to Christian, Jewish, or Muslim teaching regarding the value of life, especially as it pertains to the unborn.  This, in turn, puts her in conflict with the fundamental constitutional principles of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Third, although this historically came first, she has a long record of behavior that is ethically dubious.  The American system of government relies heavily on the moral character of its leaders. In particularly, it requires that they enforce the law equally, and not use it to punish their opponents and reward their adversaries.  It requires that they be honest and not accept bribes in return for privileges and favors.  It requires that they not give preference to foreign interests over Americans.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will use the powers of government to favor the wealthy and corrupt, and persecute the honest and principled. This will destroy the legitimacy of the Federal government.

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