Knowledge Base Progress #20

I have Western Civilization now connected to major religions. Although Is not itself well connected to Asiatic religions, I need to make the connections so that I can connect Asiatic peoples to Asian religions,  I have finished reviewing the connections of Southeast Asian Island peoples to other peoples, so that task is now out of the way. I have finished with a review of the history of Indonesia, and I am now reviewing its connections with other peoples.  I am presently reviewing the connections of Anglic peoples (in general) to African peoples and nations.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve started working again on my novel. I have mentioned that pieces keep thrusting themselves out of the ground. These are the major, pivotal scenes, the key reference points and necessary developments.   I have the opening and the closing, now I need to fill in the middle. I now have one, that will go somewhere in the early part, that establishes the nature of the prophecy suggested in the title and how the two main characters react to it, how they anticipate others will react to it, and what they are going to be trying to do for the rest of the book. I need a few more of these,, and it’s now a bit clearer what a couple of others need to be about.

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