Rolling along

Sometimes I have the energy for study, sometimes I don’t.  Yesterday I didn’t, today I did.   Visual Studio 15 keeps a whole folder for each individual project: but for review purposes, I just need the source code, so I can decide what to incorporate. I have done this for chapter 1 of my current primary text and incorporated all the ideas from it I wanted to into my sample test program.

I have also finished the text and figures of chapter 2 (Control structures): there are still a whole lot of exercises to do.   For chapter 3 (functions) the exercises are significantly more complicated and slower going.  For chapter 4 (Arrays) I really need to finish the text before I can do much with the exercises. This had a digression into basic statistics. For chapter 5 ( pointers and strings) there is a discussion on methods of calling functions, before I go on to structures and classes.

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