Getting warmer

I have finished reviewing the text for chapter 2, and condensing the figures to a single source file.  Now I only have about 40 programming exercises to go in the chapter. Pieces of them will be important in my main display program. One of the important ideas is the validation of input: That is, error checking.  It appears that I will need to understand the stream input/output functions, several chapters ahead,  quite a bit better in order to do the error checking I need for a commercial quality program.

Chapter 3 has the same style of progression, although it hasn’t gone as far.   Most notably, I covered a section on in-line functions.  Chapter 4 included a section on different styles of function calls.  Chapter 5 introduced searching an array for values and covered a linear search. Chapter 6 had preliminaries on classes and objects.

I had been looking forward to the next book,  Data Structures and Program Design in C++, by KryRobert L. Kruse and Alexander J. Ryba, Prentice-Hall, 1999. ISBN 0-13-768995-0. This was the text used in my “Data Structures” course, and I held onto it. This so far has one useful application, and a discussion of programming style and documentation that I have found useful.  However, I need to examine the previous book in order to progress much farther in this one.


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