I’ve been working on my demonstration program. This has incorporated quite a few of the figures and exercises from my prime study reference, Deitel and Deitel. When there got to be about 30 functions and pieces of programs, I decided that I needed to sort them into categories.

One of these is science. This is my own work, and will incorporate various speculations and experiments on scientific and natural systems.  Another is Personal studies. I intend to include concepts from various role-playing game systems in order to explore psychology and social interactions. Anthropology is mostly a stub now, but will do similarly.

Most of the exercises so for fall in the category of culture. This will include language, graphics, mathematics, games, and miscellaneous applied sciences, and is likely to be subdivided before long.

The fifth category includes social institutions: So far, the exercises and suggestions fall into the categories of education and economics.

Now that I have subdivided and sorted my various functions, I can start adding a few more.


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