No man’s land

One of my goals in this new version of the blog is to put up something interesting and meaningful every day, even if it’s short. This is, as many have discovered, harder than it sounds.

I have alluded to the huge disconnect between the account of human origins given in the Bible and the reconstructions of modern archaeologists and anthropologists. Rather than take one side or the other, I find myself trying to reconcile these views. This is made somewhat easier by the assumption on the one hand that there are huge gaps in the Biblical record, and on the other that there are a great many unknowns and things not yet discovered by archaeology. I confess my ignorance.

There is a great deal of information given in the Book of Moses which supplements the Biblical account of events before the Flood,  some of which addresses long-standing questions and controversies among Christians, and some of which hints at possible reconciliations with secular science. It is not to discuss these in detail, although I may return to the topic in some future post or other.


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