Grim prophecy

I was already an adult when I first heard a version of this as a camp song and thought it was cute. But that is only because the accounts of Noah’s flood has been so faded by the passage of time that few educated people accept it as reality, and the notion that Noah preached impending disaster to a people who were so consumed with violence and selfishness that they ignored his warnings and were swept away has been sanitized out of it.

I’m well aware that biologists and earth scientists have determined that the Biblical account is mythical. I’m not so sure that it was. I’m prepared to consider the possibility that the Flood was not actually universal and didn’t cover the entire earth, or even a large fraction of it: If it was a real event, I’m not prepared to suggest the when or where or how.

I am convinced to my bones that there are disasters and calamities brewing, because of the conditions of society. The signs of libertine conduct, hate-mongering, religious persecution, political and institutional corruption, and shadowed conspiracies, and assorted evils that are repeatedly described in scripture as preceding and causing destruction are everywhere present. I hear people in the streets and shops talking about the possibility of civil war. I read blogs by astute observers who assert that things that cannot continue, won’t, and agree.  I see the leaders of society, instead of taking sober warnings seriously,  reveling in the worship of sex, power, and money while they attempt to pacify the people with platitudes and empty promises and plan little but more partying.

I have never been particularly popular, eloquent, or influential. That matters less and less as the signs of distress multiply.  I think I would rather be a stormcrow than someone who  mistakenly thought I did not need or cravenly did not dare to speak of what I see coming.

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