New Book

Another programming textbook, that is. earlier this week I searched for C++ Windows programming textbook, and found  “Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++” by Richard M. Jones and ordered it online.  I got a second-hand version, with the disc, and it came within a few days,   After looking through it, it looks like just what the doctor ordered. The last few times I tried Windows programming, I hit Petzold (Charles F, Programming Windows, 5th Edition)  and bounced.  The Jones book looks more like it fits my current state of knowledge and ambition,  and it has Exercises.

For my demonstration program, I finished reviewing my various command functions and condensed the “science” commands.   I also  I also got one of the figures in my main textbook, Deitel done.  These are getting more and more involved, but it is necessary for me to work through them.


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