New Stuff

I have decided, for now, that I am shifting the primary focus to using the tools I have acquired so far to build and refine the demonstration program.    I have revised the “Create a physical system” function to enter the size of an object. So far, I am still working with a tiny system of two spaces or elements, and getting the functions I want working within that system. Then, I can start working with larger systems. I extended the chemistry function to include a subfunction, substances. I can now enter the number of one of the first four elements and get a report on the number, symbol, and name.  There are more functions I can consider adding.  I don’t yet have a proper function for astronomy, but I do need to add one.

I also started to resume adding examples from the exercises, and in the process, reminded myself that the Culture section needs to be modified, and that I need to separate out my graphics functions into separate functions, and I also want to include an embryonic graphics processing function.

The review of my textbooks is going fairly well. I finished an example of an array class, and used a program that created a sequential file. I might note that at this point in my C++ programming class, I had had fallen far enough behind that I was avoiding the use of files; and I paid for this neglect in the more advanced classes,  In this review, I have begun reviewing the elementary features of linked data structures.

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