Success, or a success

Yesterday and today I have been struggling with trying to reformulate the physical system using pointers to physical objects instead of “true or false” markers to indicate their presence.  Nothing was working properly, but after laboring over it for a couple of days, I finally got the additions and deletions working properly. These should now work for any size, number, or distribution of objects (in a line).

The next project is to reformulate my motion functions, which work for size 1 objects, but a  size 2 object in a size 2 system should be immobile. As I increase the size system, the number of possible objects and complexity of their interactions increases.

I have also managed to get stubs for the three major functions of chemistry.  The sub-functions are important and structured differently enough that I need a greater variety of objects.

I also got a stub for the Solar System.  So far, this only has the names of the sun, major planets, and moons, and the three major groups of dwarf-planets and smaller objects.  More information, and the ability to work with that information, will come later.

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