Troubles by the numbers

I did some more review and testing over the past couple of days.

The interfaces for my physical system set up and mechanics functions are awkward and clunky, and I need to experiment to get them right.

I found that I have a problem with adding and removing objects. The problem comes with the automatic naming: If I remove an object and then add another, the numbering is off and I can get objects with duplicate names. No, no.

I began writing the collision testing function to calculate relative positions and velocities of objects, and found that I have a problem when two objects are adjacent and approaching each other. Their relative velocity zooms them past each other without colliding. This is unacceptable, but I need to work on continuous movement with velocities greater than one in order to handle it properly.

I have begin writing stubs for higher functions of mechanics: Many of my current ones will go into particle mechanics, but there is some need to go into other divisions, especially since I have begun considering objects of larger size. The thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and structure of matter functions should now theoretically be able to add subfunctions and go through a cycle to get commands, but this is not yet properly tested.   Higher order processing will have to wait a few days.


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