A tale of ends and means

Once there was a man who had three sons. He was well read, honest and truthful, and a dutiful provider for his family loved their mother. He was greatly pained when she came to him and said that the boys would not obey her and help in the housework.

The man became angry and whipped his sons for their disobedience. He sang to them that they were good-for-nothing lazy shirks and mocked their tears at his harsh discipline. He preached industry , initiative, and virtue, and then, exhausted from his labors, retired to his room to read. This continued week after week, year after year, and his sons respected the wisdom of his words and the example of his duty, but feared to anger him.

One of his sons became practically a hermit, and took refuge in books.

One of his sons attempted to dominate his brothers with harsh words, mockery, and ridicule.

One of his sons hated his father, and as soon as he was able, withdrew from all contact.

When they were grown and the parents grown elderly and sickly, which of the sons helped their mother in the house?

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