Divided up

I got most of my basic physics functions divided up and separated out. Physics is divided into subfunctions: The first is mechanics, which deals with motion of bodies and its causes.  The simplest subdivision is particle mechanics which deals with particles in which internal motions and rotations are unimportant.  The simplest division of particle mechanics is mechanics, which deals with the motion of particles regardless of their causes. So far, Kinematics includes position and velocity. I want to include acceleration, but this requires more mathematics. The next division of particle mechanics is dynamics: The only function I have associated with this involves setting mass. This will eventually include considerations of momentum, impulse, and force.  Energetics will involve work and kinetic energy, which also needs more work in mathematics. Particle systems include my examination of collisions

Rigid-body mechanics, deformable body mechanics, and gravitation require better development of systems.  Thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and the structure of matter are present, but I still need fundamentals of mechanics.

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