Playing with pebbles

Today I started adding stubs to the structure of matter section of physics. It’s important to get to these structure of matter stubs, because these are on the boundary between chemistry and physics, and will let me start to connect the two sciences.

I created a new ChemSubst class, which is supposed to be a parent class for ChemElement, but it has no detail yet.   I added a new function to my graphics Object class, and expanded a little development of Arithmetic.  I have added (but not yet tested) predecrement and postdecrement  operators for the Tiny Whole Numbers class, and an addition operator for Tiny Whole Numbers.  I want to rewrite the test driver functions to refer to Tiny Whole Numbers. I would also like to include a calculator program: I have done a version of this before and could do it again, but I need to get back to the books and continue the programming exercises.


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