Lawless government

One of the most disturbing trends of the Obama Administration is its policy of ignoring the law when it is politically inconvenient.  After shoving through a massive healthcare reform bill, as soon as the governments web site fizzled on launch, Obama started saying “Never mind the deadlines”. When the NSA started collecting information on citizens, the policy was “ignore the law if it’s inconvenient”. When the IRS started discriminating against political groups based on their political leanings, the approach taking by the administration was to stonewall and defy Congressional investigation, because the House of Representatives is controlled by the political opposition. When unaccompanied children children and teens began crossing the border in large numbers, the approach was to refuse to enforce immigration law.

This sets a dangerous precedent of selective enforcement, in which the law is ignored for if it harms one’s political friends and but may be used as a cudgel to oppress one’s enemies. This is poisonous to a society based on the idea that all people should be ideally equal before the law, and sets up an unofficial class system of the privileged and non-privileged that is nevertheless backed by government force.

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