More indirection

I have finished a review of the early 1st millennium BC which as usual add much knowledge to that period.   However, various nations and peoples got slightly better connected to each other, there was some slight extension of social change and particular religions.

For classical and medieval history, I completed extension to nations as far as Israel and have begun connecting it to more cities. This will eventually give more depth and detail to it.  Modern history is also being extended to more cities. The 20th century is being connected back to centuries of classical and medieval history in order to give more background to it.

Peoples of the world are also being connected to cities: This will be needed before other areas can use them. Connections to communities in general are being connected to areas of classical and medieval history.

Institutions have finished the connection to nations for now, and I am starting to work on connections to cities. For a sample, South central China has a connection to Institutions.

Culture is also being connected back to centuries of classical and medieval history.

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