SKB Progress #1

I had been restricting my topics on the old version of the “From the Ground” blog to comments on the progress of my Knowledge base, which I found and decided weren’t very interesting. However, now that the newer version is up and since I am spending most of my time with it, I want to add a few more comments.

The most useful progress has come with shifting the emphasis (again) towards the lower level topics of science, personal studies, anthropology, and culture. In the process of straightening these out, the whole process of construction has become more orderly.  I have also been reviewing the histories of major topics and have a few more summaries to work with.

For science in general, I have a review of history through classical and medieval times, although not much detail yet. This should become more interesting when I get to the scientific revolution in modern times. The particular sciences are  still being connected to religion, government, and economics.

For Personal studies, I have a similar review.  Studies of  the human body and psychology were not very advanced before modern times, but there is some raw source material in writings of classical and medieval times. Biography is a special case: I have fewer than a dozen individuals, but these major figures  will be useful later on.  The subdivisions are being connected to areas of culture.

For Anthropology, the historical review up to modern times doesn’t reveal much, because the information on human social fundamentals is mixed and scattered throughout the source  material. I am starring to connect the divisions of anthropology to each other, which is a good thing because they are closely related.

Culture is such a broad area that the highest level divisions are still too abstract and almost meaningless. and the summary of history not very revealing. But these divisions are starting to connect to their roots in social and individual behavior.

For the social institutions, I am currently working on a review of how social structure and change can be applied.  The individual institutions are starting to be connected to elements of psychology and the human body and the sciences.  For religion and government I am starting to work with particular subdivisions.

I am thinking of renaming sociology to society. This is being connected to details of culture. Social structure and change is being taken through a historical overview, which is still not as informative at  this level of abstraction as I would like. Communities are well enough connected that I can begin adding and connecting them at greater rates than I have been able to do in some time. For Peoples of the world in general, I am reviewing the application of social structure and change.  I now have nations well enough connected to other areas that I can now  resume addition of smaller ones.  The major groups of peoples will be connecting more to the developing lower levels.

For history in general, I have been developing and connecting the connections to sub-continental sized pieces of human geography. I have also begun improving the connections of the divisions of history to lower level aids.

That’s all for now.

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