17th century

As I was working through the 17th century, I ran into the problem of the density of references: The more links to other subjects there are, the more time is involved and the more scattered my efforts become. I also noticed some weak spots in the routine: I need better development of communities. So, I decided to back up for another run through the lowest-level periods, and have progressed the early 3rd millennium BC.

For the History of the World, I am doing a review of how nations and peoples are applicable, with a little bit of cleanup and an expanded overview of how particular nations are important in history. This is so far an improvement over the existing version. Right now, I am working through Asiatic peoples, since from broad historical point of view, these have been more important than the other three groups.

I am also working through a review of modern history. For this one, I am currently reviewing applications of culture.

For sociology in general, I am starting to work through applications of education.   For peoples of the world, I am working through a review of religion.

Institutions are going through a review of peoples. This is similar to the one of nations and peoples, but it is going faster because I have fewer references to connect.

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