Early 2nd millennium BC

As usual, I don’t have much in the way of specific content to add to the early 2nd millennium BC. I have been reviewing the tools I can use to investigate it.

For History in general, I am still working through a rewrite of the importance of various peoples, and I have a little bit of a summary of China and Japan. Now, it’s on to Southeast Asian peoples. Classical and medieval history is now well connected enough that I can begin a review of the application and importance of nations to it. For Modern history, I am still reviewing the application of material culture. The 20th century is also connected enough that I can review the application of nations to it.

For Sociology in general, I have finished reviewing the connections of institutions and have begun reviewing the connection of culture. For peoples of the world, I have been reviewing the connections with pagan religion.

For institutions in general,  I am reviewing the connections of African peoples.  For culture in general, I am picking up the connections to specific nations.

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