Early 1st millennium BC

As usual, I don’t have many specific events to connect here. This is still mostly being used to prompt development of other areas. For history in general, I have finished reviewing and revising the importance of Asiatic peoples. I have decided to put the groups of Western Civilization in historical order of development.   Antiquity is almost fully connected to the periods of classical and medieval history. For classical and medieval history, I have finished a review of Asiatic peoples and I am now working on a review of Western Civilization, similar to that of history in general, but less detailed and faster moving. For modern history, I am going through a review of human geography. For the 20th century, I am doing a review of Western Civilization as far as Hispanic peoples.

For sociology, I am doing a review of conceptual culture.  For peoples of the world, I am reviewing connections to government. For communities, I am nearly done with reviewing connections to nations.

For Institutions, I am beginning a review of social mechanics. Religion is as fully connected to nations as I can do for now and I am beginning to connect more cities. Culture is in about the same shape.

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