Happy New Year!

So it’s been a few weeks since I updated.

For history in general, I have finished a revision and update for Western Civilization. I have rearranged the half dozen subdivisions, in approximately historical order of when they arose, not necessarily according to their modern prominence.   For antiquity, I am collecting cities.  I have about a dozen that date to this period.  Classical and medieval history had a rapid run-through, mostly because its subdivisions are not yet every well connected. I finished a review of modern history, and have just now begun a review of how early history gives important background. The 19th century is being connected to cities. For the 20th century, I have done a review of Western Civilization and I am starting on a review of Asiatic peoples.

For sociology in general I am doing a review of history.  So far, I have not made enough progress in prehistory for this to add much.  For peoples of the world, I am going through a review of culture.  I have been adding communities, which should clear up a couple of areas where I have paused. Social mechanics are being connected to specific cities.

Institutions are nearly done with a basic review: I have connected a few more biographies.


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