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In the review of aids to history on general, I have finished reviewing peoples of the world, and also finished a review of social mechanics. I am now ready to begin the application of social institutions. This should help my technique of historical research some.  Prehistory is being connected to centuries of classical and medieval history, antiquity is going through a review of peoples, and classical and medieval history is going through a review of how modern history has developed it.

Modern history is going through a review of peoples. This is currently approximately in Hispanic peoples. The 16th century still has a number of nations to connect to. I am adding cities to the 17th and 18th centuries. For the 19th century, I have decided that the Ottoman Empire and the Persia were the two large regional powers in the middle East, and I am aware that these were being squeezed between the British empire from the south and the Russian empire from the North. Lesser nations still need to be reviewed.

For the 20th century, I have been reviewing African nations. The review has been revealing mostly that I have inadequate information on the early half of the 20th century, but I am in the process of correcting and extending it.   The mid 20th century, the era of World War II and the early Cold War, is beginning a process of adding more nations. The late mid 20th century, the mid Cold War era, is also being connected to more nations. I have been seeing that one of the chief social movements, revolutionary Marxism, has an ugly face and bloody hands, and in few places worse than post-colonial Africa. I am likely to expound on this idea in future posts. For the late 20th century, I find that events have been difficult to summarize. The early 21st century is going through a review of nations, which also reveals that I don’t have good summaries.

Sociology in general is going through a review of its history, by now well into the 19th century. As I recall, the review of the 20th century is likely to slow-moving.  Peoples of the world are also going through a review of classical and medieval history and picking up developments of the past couple of months.  I am connecting nations in general to subdivisions of government, which will be a great help in the study of government.  I am connecting Western Civilization to more cities, a project I have been wanting to finish for some time. Asiatic peoples are going through a review of how American Indian peoples can be applied.  Communities are being connected to details of culture. I have been looking specifically at Tokyo and making connections between it and other cities, while I connect Seoul to earlier periods of the 18th and 17th century.  Social mechanics is going through a review of peoples.

Institutions at the general level are going through a review of modern history. I am taking religion through a review of peoples, and adding nations to government, economics, education, and family studies.

Culture in general is going through a review of peoples. Material culture is expanding connections to nations, and I am beginning to connect conceptual culture to more nations also.

Anthropology in general is being connected to more cities, and I am also connecting particular groups to earlier periods of history. Personal studies and science are both being connected to more nations.


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