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Since world history depends so heavily on sociology, I have been aggressively reviewing the history of sociology. This pass is nearly done, but is still disappointingly superficial. Likewise, the review of the history of peoples of the world has been rather superficial.  The list of nations is being connected to more details of religion and government.  The list of cities is being connected to details of material culture.  Social mechanics in general has been going through an extensive review of peoples, and I am going through a review of the application of institutions to history.

Prehistory has been most successful in prompting development of later divisions of history, chiefly the 19th century, 20th century, and early 21st century.   For Antiquity, I have finished a review of peoples, cities, and social mechanics and I am currently going through a review of institutions.  For classical and medieval history, I have finished a review of how other history applies, and I am connecting more nations and distributing them to their respective peoples. For modern history, I have been doing a review of the influence and importance of nations and peoples. This has been  This has been most successful for the larger nations of India and Pakistan.  The 19th century in particular has been going through a similar review, which has been beneficial in giving a background look at the Ottoman empire, the Persian empire, India, and Pakistan. The 20th century has some similar developments.

I have begun working on the review of social mechanics for Asiatic peoples, Western Civilization, and American Indian peoples. I am still working on getting African peoples fully connected to all the nations on the list of nations, but I am getting close to having this finished.   The list of communities is still being connected to details of culture, but this is making progress. I have been developing the largest few cities in more detail, with connections to various nations, cities, and elements of social mechanics.  For social mechanics in general, I am going through a review of the application of nations.  I have had some success in developing this subject and making connections to nations and cities,  with prompting from history in general.

I have been reviewing the history of institutions, although this also has more references than content.  Religion in particular is getting most of the attention.   For culture, I have been going through a review of the application of different nations and peoples.  Anthropology is being developed by connecting cities.



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