Pause and refresh

I have just finished an upload of what I have been working on, so that all the stuff I’ve been talking about is now visible. I have been seriously negligent in updating the site, but I hope to do better.

For history in general, I’m nearly done reviewing the connections of institutions. For prehistory, I’m working on adding institutions. For antiquity, I’m working on adding details of culture. For classical and medieval history in general, I’ve been working on adding more of the nations that history in general and modern history are connected to. I’ve been connecting the 18th century back to periods of antiquity, so this will be getting more attention. For the 19th century in general, I have finished a review of the peoples of the world, and I am now looking at social mechanics. There has been a little improvement of the particular periods, and I have been adding connections to a few cities. For the 20th century in general, I have also finished a review of peoples of the world and social mechanics, and I am now doing a review of religion. There has also been some connection of the periods of the 20th century to cities. For the early 21st century, I have also finished a review of peoples and I am now working on reviewing social mechanics.

For sociology in general, I have finished the review of history and I am now reviewing the connections of religion. For peoples of the world, I am still reviewing history.  I don’t have much progress on particular peoples. Communities are almost fully connected to details of culture as far as I have them developed. For social mechanics, I have almost finished a review of peoples of the world (finally!) and will be working on reviewing religion.

Culture in general is also finishing a review of peoples of the world. For Anthropology in general, I am still making connections to particular cities.  Personal studies are being connected to centuries of antiquity.

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