A grand review of antiquity has produced the following results.  For history in general I have finished the review of applications of institutions, and will be doing a review of applications of culture. The periods of classical and medieval history are better connected to subdivision of the 16th century.  Modern history has done a review of North and South Korea. The 16th century now has a reference to Somalia; the 17th to Nagoya, Japan; the 18th  and 19th century to more cities. The mid 19th century now has a brief summary of the United Kingdom, which is a particular area of interest. I made some progress in getting the 20th century and its various subdivisions better developed.

The disentanglement of nations has been less fruitful, largely because worldwide patterns of population and influence have shifted greatly since antiquity, but there was some progress.   I have in mind applications of social mechanics, so I took some time to do a little more development.

Institutions in general are going through a review of history. I am still taking religion through a review of Western Civilization: For the particular institutions government, economics, education, and family studies, I have begun to emphasize the connections to cities.

What all this has to do with antiquity is not instantly clear, except that in order to investigate antiquity, all these other subjects need to be sufficiently developed, too.

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