One of my favorite fictional characters described the feeling of success as somewhat disorienting. I’m reminded of that because I finished several things I had been working on, all at the same time.

The review of aids to history in general has shifted abruptly from institutions to culture.  For antiquity in general, I am now making connections to elements of culture. For Classical and medieval history, I have finished adding nations as far as presently possible, and I have begun a review of the importance of various peoples. For modern history, I have reviews of the importance of Mainland Southeast Asian peoples. The 18th century has also finished connection to cities, and I will be beginning review of peoples. For the 19th century, I am working on a review of religion. The 20th century is going through a review of government, and the early 21st century still through social mechanics, I think.

For sociology in general, I am going through a review of religion. I am still working on reviewing the history of peoples of the world. For communities, I have finished connecting to details of culture as far as they have been developed and have started in on human geography, Social mechanics are also going for a review of government or history.

For institutions in general, I am close to finishing a review of history. With all the focus on religion, I am still working on a review of the application of Western Civilization.   For culture in general, I have finished a review of peoples and I am currently working on reviewing the application of social mechanics. Anthropology has finished connection of nations and cities, and I will be beginning a review of peoples. Personal studies is being connected to nations.

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