The immigration problem in Europe has been a persistent and problem  for the past several years, and is likely to persist for many more. The United Stats has long experience with assimilating immigrants, but its historical solution may not be accepted in Europe.  I note that there is continuing fallout from the Panama Papers.

I am not following the US Presidential campaign closely. I lost all enthusiasm for national politics in 2012, when Barak Obama was re-elected over Mitt Romney, who was in my opinion obviously better qualified in every way.  I do not like either of the major Democratic candidates, and I am highly unimpressed with Donald Trump. Of the major candidates remaining , my preferences is for Ted Cruz, but I don’t expect my preferences to be persuasive.

I am rather more concerned with the LGBT movement and the political backing it is getting.  I suspect that there is political machination and arm-twisting going on behind the scenes, but I don’t yet have the tools to trace it.

I’m not so directly concerned with events in Asia or Africa, but I mention one. North Korea reminds me of a small dog I encountered years ago, one of those that tried to make up in its ferocity of barking for its diminutive size. I was ignoring it, until it decided that it could deal with me and bit me on the ankle.  I kicked, by reflex, and it flew off several feet. It didn’t come back. I’m not much worried about its development of nuclear and ballistic capabilities, but there are people who should be taking it seriously.

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