Broader and Deeper

I thought I had already created a post to follow up on the last one, but apparently not.  Apparently my connection to my web host has been misbehaving and it’s hard to create this post.  Generally speaking, my analysis of events will lag behind the actual events: this is not a blog to watch for the latest news.

The terrorist bombings in Paris last November and in Brussels last month, and the broader European emigration problems all have roots in the Middle East, and much of the conflict is fundamentally religious in nature.  I see it as not so much a conflict between Christianity and Islam, as between Islam and modern secularism. Although I do not yet have strong evidence for this view, it is something I will be looking at.

I had been going to mention the impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rouseff in Brazil, although there isn’t really much I can say. I have never like the politics she represents, although they are not really my concern. The aftermath of the earthquake in Ecuador may get more  attention.


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