Middle East

I have been more interested in  events of the Middle East than many other areas. Not only is this the center of the oldest known civilizations, it is still a central focus of three world religions and some Asian religions. Since the Iranian revolution in the late 1970s, it has been a center of violent conflict and world attention. It is a complex region, and has several cultural areas to consider. I expect to be giving more attention to Egypt.

In the process of adding nations and working back through weeks of history, the first nation to emerge out of the mass is typically India. So far, for April, I now have a list of events that have occurred in India. These events don’t yet appear to be closely related, but as I go back through earlier weeks, I expect more of a pattern to emerge.  I do note, however, that India is having its own problems with court-ordered change that affects religious custom and beliefs.

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