The week-by-week analysis of prominent current events has a certain rhythm to it.  I usually don;t work on the Knowledge Base on Sundays, and i spend most of Monday setting up for the new week, and outlining what few events  have occurred over the weekend. Then, the rest of the week, I can broaden the connections with more nations and peoples and work back into earlier periods of history.  At least, that’s the program as it currently stands.

I have managed to separate Anglo-American  peoples (the United States, Canada, and eventually the British Caribbean) from the general mass of Anglic peoples, in the current quarter and month.  Many of a given week’s events are associated with these, and it will require significantly more development of nations before I can analyze these further.  I note again that I am not following the US Presidential election cycle all that closely.

I take note of the murders of a couple of US citizens who were advocates of LGBT positions in Bangladesh, and I have to ask myself “What were they thinking!?!  For one, the strong violent streak (terrorism, civil war) that has emerged all over in Islam in the past three decades ought to have been a warning. Second, Islam is extremely conservative on matters of sexual conduct and behavior. Add the two, and going into an Islamic country (which Bangladesh is…as any student of the history of India especially in the 20th century ought to be aware) to advocate for LGBT issues could have been predicted in advance as reckless folly.

These posts are still not as regular as I would like them to be. I keep creating new links..,just a little more work before I take a break and write about what I have accomplished…and before I know it, it’s late and I’m too tired to write, so I save it for the next day,,,and the next…and the next, and before I know it, three or four days have gone and still no post.  The blogs I like to follow have fresh content almost daily, and I’m working on doing that. Not quite there, yet.


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