In my current development scheme, I added the city of Ankara, Turkey, and learned that it is or was also called Angora, and is the source of Angora goats, rabbits, and cats.  This goes in the category of trivia, for the moment. For modern history, I have separated out Anglo-Australian peoples from the general mass of Anglic peoples.  For the 20th century, I have been concentrating on adding cities. I have finished connecting details of human geography to the 20th century. For the early 21st century, I am also working on cities. For the late 2000s, I have now connected this to enough nations that it is the best connected of the 5-year periods.

Western Civilization needs some thought, since my latest of its history has reached the early 2000s, which are unevenly developed.   I have extended summaries of Chinese history back to the 1st century BC, which includes the Han dynasty; India back to the 9th century CE. Many of the various Indian empires and nationalities of this era had were located in parts of the country, so I will need more cities in order to do the geographic approach. I have  Indonesia back to the 11th century, which is well before the period of European contact.  Pakistan is back to the early mid 16th century or so, within the period of the Mughal empire,  and Nigeria is back to the late mid 16th century.


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