As I have been taking another pass through late medieval and early modern history, I have been giving more detailed attention to the major peoples and nations. This has meant, first of all, a broader discussion of religion. For religion in general, I am including more references to the elements of government. Specific religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, are getting an introduction to the major nations associated with them. Particular nations such as China and India are getting references to the particular religions. I am trying to put these in order of importance (as determined by references to them in the historical outline), but this is an imprecise process. There are some that get skipped over at first, but for the larger nations, they will get included anyway sooner or later.
It also means a connection to government. I do not yet have detailed studies of international government or specific national governments, but getting samples from the major nations is a start.
I am also starting to make connections of particular nations to more details of economics.

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