Harappan civilization

A slight shift in my development approach has me working heavily on India in antiquity, and an investigation into Harappan, or Indus Valley, civilization. I am interested in possible connections with Mesopotamian civilization and possible connections with Chinese civilization, but I have quite a bit of development to do before I can properly identify contemporary civilizations in this period.
For prehistory in general I am doing a review of application of studies of the human body; for antiquity in general, I am doing a review of applications of science. I am starting to connect the list of nations to elements of human geography. This is an important element in future development. I am connecting Asiatic peoples and Western Civilization to elements of culture. I am also connecting social mechanics to human geography. Religion, government, and economics are on hold for now, since I want to connect more particular cities, and I need to get further ahead in history before I can do much with these.

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