Sharp pointed words

Just because I often don’t say much doesn’t mean there is nothing on my mind. I learned early on through painful experience to be careful what I said, because there were often people standing by, ready, willing, and able to do it.  Other times, if I spoke my mind too freely, what I said was foolish and painful (either to others, or myself). It’s even worse if I’m in an emotionally stressful situation.

I had been participating on blogs, and I found that my comments were getting starting to get snarky and a bit nasty, and I didn’t like it: so I quit. It doesn’t benefit much to be the first to say something foolish, and I have other and usually better things to do with my time than compose lengthy rants or trade insults with fools.

“Be careful of the words you say,
Keep them short and sweet.
You never know, from day to day,
Which ones you’ll have to eat.”

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