The shift in approach I mentioned yesterday involves going back to the lowest levels of history and pushing what I can. For the latest round of this, I have been working through the early 2nd millennium BC. Nations in general are being connected to details of human geography, and I have progressed through Europe and much of African. This has involved making connections to Indonesia, for which I have very little material in antiquity. This reflects a common problem, in which the largest countries of today often have little history in ancient times, while the largest and most important nations of antiquity or earlier are comparatively small today. This imbalance will eventually be rectified: for now, I just accept it and move on. Asiatic peoples are being connected to details of behavioral and conceptual culture, and I have begun connecting Oriental peoples in particular to details of behavioral culture. American Indian peoples (and along with them, Western Civilization) are being connected to details of conceptual culture including philosophy, applied science, and mathematics. Social mechanics is by now sufficiently connected to human geography and anthropology in general that I can set it aside. It is becoming increasingly clear that I will need to connect better to particular cities.

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