Once a gamer

I mentioned here that I was applying to BYU-Idaho for their on-line degree program.
I got an e-mail notice that I have been admitted, for Spring semester. I don’t get to register until March, but I made it in.


While I was in high school, I used to watch friends playing wargames during lunch hour and after school: “Alexander” was one, “Wooden Ships and Iron Men” and “Panzerblitz” was another. I didn’t own any of them family couldn’t afford it, and I wasn’t good enough friends with any of the players, but I enjoyed watching. Afterwards, the family had a few;
“Outdoor survival”, and “Squad leader”, and I had “Air Force”.
Later, when I was at BYU, one of my distractions was a group that went down to a table in the Wilkinson Center (BYU’s student Union” and played “Dungeons and Dragons”. Later, after AD&D came out, I tryed my hand at worldbuilding and studied the manuals, although I didn’t have anyone to play with. A few years after that, Traveller had come out.

So, I like the challenge of worldbuilding. I’ve been taking advantage of PDF reprints of those games, as well as GURPS, and I have been doing more worldbuilding again. There is a tie to the knowledge base, since I have been playing with constructing simulations of the societies I have been studying. I’ve been looking at fiction reprinted in “Dragon” magazine, and thought “I can do better than that”. Or so I imagine.

So, as I go about worldbuilding, I’m also going about constructing stories for my fictional characters. I may have to do some aggressive filing off of the serial numbers, but I think I can do this.


For the Knowledge base, I have Iran worked back into antiquity. This is allowing me to take the Middle East in general along with it, which will fill in some important gaps in early history.

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