Steady as she goes

I hadn’t quite intended to do another review of how peoples of the world apply to history in general quite so soon, but I have made a little progress. The review of Asiatic peoples in modern history has been encouraging enough that I want to try it. I have also finished connecting cities to classical and medieval history, and have begun a review of Asiatic peoples. The work I have previously done on this period in Egypt and Persia is starting to appear in the summaries. For modern history, I have finished the review of Asian peoples and I am now beginning a review of African peoples.
I also hadn’t intended another review of the history of sociology so soon, since the last one was excessively tedious, but it seems appropriate. I have been connecting nations to cites and cities to nations; not much to comment on there. I have also finished connecting social mechanics to cities, which (according to my development scheme) will let me resume connecting to nations and peoples, which is something I very much want to get to.
For Institutions, I am connecting more nations in preparation for the next round of reviews of peoples. There isn’t a whole lot to comment about.

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