The Big Picture

Most of what I do in constructing the SKB is focused on small connections. Every once in a while, I get to step back and review the bigger picture.
History in general depends on getting an overview of peoples of the world, and I am currently going through another review of these. This isn’t really adding much, since I have done it so recently, but small bits help.
For prehistory, I still have quite a few nations to connect. Antiquity is close to having the nations all connected; then I need to connect more cities. For classical and medieval history, I have done a review of Turkish, Persian, and Egyptian history. The smaller nations are not yet as well developed. For modern history, I am going through a review of African peoples. I still don’t have much detail on the colonial era, but that will come eventually. 5-year periods of the 20th century are getting more summaries, although these tend to involve the larger Asian nations, and not yet the Western European nations that still tend to be the main drivers of world events.

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