A Problem of Titles

This is, of course, the problem of finding a catchy, attention grabbing title for fairly routine work.
The addition of a page for May 2017 and its linkage to other history and a few other topics took up most of a day’s work.
For classical and medieval history’s review of the application of Asiatic peoples, I have the basics of Oriental people, with the next topic coming up is seeing how the regions and cities of China have been developed since I looked at this last.
Going through centuries of late medieval history has brought progress to the history of Italy, which I felt was rather badly neglected in my history of Western civilization class so long ago.
I am almost done with a review of how South American Indian peoples apply to modern history. There really isn’t much substance to this until I get more of the local history of the countries of South America.
Although the connection of months of 2016 creates plenty of links to 2017, there isn’t much substantial content to it yet.

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