In the review of prehistory, I got to the point where the connections of modern history are down to the current year. I have found that in the analysis of particular weeks of current events, there are occasional references to current discoveries that pertain to prehistory, antiquity, and classical and medieval history. and I consider that it would be a useful exercise to include references to these whenever I can find them. As I have reviewed the application of other history to antiquity and classical and medieval history, these aren’t quite up to the same point, which shifts the emphasis of my connections a little.
For antiquity, I have nearly all the connections to nations and cities, and I can begin a review of the peoples of the world. However, I find that in order to make much progress with this, I should finish reviewing the history of Asiatic peoples.
Much the same is true in classical and medieval history: I need to review the history of Western Civilization as I have outlined it.
My knowledge of the content is improved, as i have worked France back into early classical times, England into Roman times, Italy and Italy into the early medieval period.
For modern history, I am working through a review of how social mechanics is applicable. This is underdeveloped enough that I will soon want to give more attention to it.
I have reviewed the history of sociology enough that This is subject to the same process of improvement through the examination of weeks of recent history. Peoples of the world are being reviewed. Nations still have a way to go in connecting to cities, but cities are fully connected to nations. Social mechanics at the general level is making good progress at connection to nations.

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