Quite a few of my pages have long lists of links to be connected; nations, cities, and biographies are some examples. For most of these, I nibble through the list, one or two links a day or a week, and eventually I get through them. However, every so often when a list is nearly done, it feels good to put my head down, bull through the rest of the list, and get it done. Then I can briefly savor a feeling of accomplishment before moving on to the next task.
The 20th century is being connected to biographies. Aurgh! I am really going to have to work on adding more people to the list.

This last week I have finished connecting peoples of the world to biographies. This lays the groundwork for connecting biographies to particular peoples, such as Western civilization and Asiatic peoples. I already know that this list of historical figures is horribly biased towards Western Civilization, but I need to pin that down.

Western Civilization is finally connected to the long list of other nations and cities, as far as I dare push them; some 65 nations and 36 cities. The extent of what I call Western Civilization is mostly defined by these lists. This is a significant milestone. Now, I can concentrate on the relations to other peoples and the structure of Western civilization, as well as component peoples.

Asiatic peoples are less well defined, although this push to work through the list means that I have also finally finished the connection to nations (55 of them) and I can now connect to more cities. This is also a significant milestone. I have 39 cities so far and over 40 to review.

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