Yes, this blog is perishing of loneliness. Partly due lack of attention from me, partly due to lack of visitors (other than spammers). Comments would be highly welcome.

I will be attending the “Life, the Universe, and Everything” symposium in Provo, Utah. There are a few authors and their fans that I’m especially hoping to meet. Since most of my writing so far has been is nonfiction and goes into the Knowledge Base, I expect I will talk about the project there.

I’m also working on some fiction stories:
One of those is a fantasy; I’m only a few thousand words in. The working title for is “Dragonkiller”.
I’m also planning what I call a historical fantasy series. I haven’t actually begun writing it yet, but I have concept I like. The working title is “Magister”.

For “research” purposes, I’ve been building a e-library of GURPS supplements. I’m expecting to use this to help me build secondary characters and situations. I’ll have to see how this goes.

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